Public Bingo

Public Bingo returned on  Monday nights in early June and we will remain open for those games until further notice.  We still lack an adequate cadre of volunteers with which the conduct these games.  We need callers, cashiers and floor personnel.  If have the time available and are willing to help us out, even if only on an occasional basis, please call Denise Johns at (407) 267-7657.

Burgers and More

Burgers and More will continue for the time being on the first and third Saturdays of each month, including Saturday, July 4!

Lodge Meeting

There will only be one Lodge meeting in July, and it will take place in the Lodge Room on Wednesday, July 22.

Thursday Night Karaoke / Friday Night Dinner & Dance

Because of the significant increase in the number of reported coronavirus infections which has taken place over the past month, and because of the apparent reluctance of our members to visit the Lodge or any other place of assembly while the risk of infection from the virus remains a constant, Karaoke and Friday Night Dinners and Dances, as well as the sale and service of alcholic beverages have been suspended through August 31.

We respectfully request that members and guests observe the masking and social distancing recommendations of the CDC as well as those mandatory requirements as to such matters as are presently in effect in Orange County when visiting the Lodge!